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Exercise + Life = Sexy (& Valued)

Q: How do you make time for regular exercise? Spill any physical fitness, wellness, and health secrets! A: You want the truth, or can I lie, so this is a better read? I laugh. This is how conversations almost always start when struck up with fellow parents, whether they’re into fitness consistently or not. Notice the word […]


As a woman, wife and mom I know I’m a wee bit … well, “off.” All moms are, if we’re honest with ourselves. Go ahead. Laugh! You know what I’m saying is true. Ever see a mom with her young children at the grocery store? Even when well behaved, kids bombard with questions and touch everything within reach … especially […]

Business/Career Lessons From Passionate Parent

Once upon a time, in a time not long ago, we all knew these lessons. What I’m about to share isn’t novel. So why write about it again? Because it bears repeating, that’s why! There’s not a professional on the planet, human nor beast, which will disagree with me that these three lessons have been invaluable […]

The Backstory: G.A.S.P. The Author’s Side

G.A.S.P. !! Did you ever get up in the middle of the night because of: • a bad dream • a strange visual • or your spouse wanting something? (wink) Well, that’s what happened to me with G.A.S.P. ’s main story line, only the story kept nudging and pushing me like a pesky kid needing […]


HELLLLLLLOOOO WORLD!!!! This is my first blog post! I have all sorts of fun, controversial and interesting ideas to share. Looking forward to posting something next week! Be sure to check out my new website RJillMaxwell.com featuring the first book in my trilogy, G.A.S.P. Enjoy and share more soon 😉